Friends, in today's post, we  will talk about the Hindi meaning of Word  Agree . To  understand the meaning of Agree with Definition , its effect, usage, etc., in detail, read this article till the end, then let's move ahead without delay.

Agree Means in English with Full New Tips :

Meanings of agree in English -

 agree upon

Friends, you must have read and understood each word mentioned above very well because it is told in short form. In these, you must have cleared some things, which you can use. The purpose of writing such a big and great post by us is not only to tell the meanings, but from this we want to clean all your concepts thoroughly by telling each words one by one with their effect, details and usage.

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Meaning of Agree with full Explain :

Know all the words in detail -

- Agreeing, we can see this by relating to any such topic or issue, in which more than one person agrees on a single decision. If seen, this word is used at every level. 

For example, for any major decision in everyone's house, it is discussed with each member of the family. Similarly, some decisions of life with schools, offices, in which some doubts themselves come. Due to this, in order to remove these confusions, before reaching the final decision of these things, everyone's own opinion is taken to discuss it a little.

- Agree, here the matter of taking a decision between two people is being expressed. Some issues of life and family keep going on and they can be of themselves or even family members along with themselves. If you have some work of your own, then it doesn't matter, but the decision depends on some other person also, then in this situation it is very important to agree among themselves because the decisions taken also affect the lives of the people related to each other. .

- To be virtuous, although friends, we are living life in Indian culture and society, meaning here the importance of rituals and qualities is coming from eternity, especially in India, many culture and qualities are recognized in more cases, since a better And for a wonderful life, being virtuous in family and people keeps everyone connected and helps in maintaining the right direction.

Know their effect

Agree, see we have talked about above, agreeing means having the same opinion or decision on any issue. Now two things are seen here, first if consent is done for good work, then positive results will come and they will make a good impact on the progress of the society and the country and take it forward. On the contrary, if the mutual decision is taken due to some bad result, then the wrong effect will bring the society backwards.

- Agree, friends, if the person in front is persuaded for some good things, then its effects will definitely produce great results with great effect. Due to which the future of the country can be changed in more glory. Just on the contrary, agreeing to a wrong action will express the very opposite result and its effect will bring very pathetic results.

To be virtuous, as it is ruled by this word that the effect of virtue is always responsible for good results, which is very helpful in the growth of society, family and country.

Know the usage of each word

- To agree, to consider an issue as common is expressed by this word.
To agree, to persuade one by the other, confirms this word.
Being virtuous is used to express qualities.

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